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Unreliable & Impermanent:

i love you anyway

Goodbye Cruel World
Men Are Visual Creatures
This American Dream
Pacify II
No You Shut Up
You Can Call Me Al
Hors d'oeurve?
Everything is Free
Love Conquers All
Adrian's Pet Shop

THIS FINE LINE presents 

Unreliable & Impermanent:

I love you anyway featuring drawings on paper inspired by Buddhism, personal memories, and random things. The series playfully reflects that Life is suffering, encouraging a curious, empathetic, and “keep calm, carry on” attitude about the fleeting nature of pain. We suffer. Suffer wholeheartedly. We laugh. Laugh wholeheartedly. Choose love, be kind. Choose anything. Unreliable & Impermanent provides a certain comfort and freedom to make your own narrative and meaning.

For the artist, themes surround the the struggle to be a self-sufficient adult alongside the passions and pains of love.

With semi-pre-planned compositions, this series heavily relies on improvisation and spontaneity. It exists as a relative to the previous series Influence & Affect and Excess & Accessibility.  

ink on paper, 9x12. 2018


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