Unreliable & Impermanent:

i love you anyway

THIS FINE LINE presents 

Unreliable & Impermanent:

I love you anyway featuring drawings on paper inspired by Buddhism, personal memories, and random things. The series playfully reflects that Life is suffering, encouraging a curious, empathetic, and “keep calm, carry on” attitude about the fleeting nature of pain. We suffer. Suffer wholeheartedly. We laugh. Laugh wholeheartedly. Choose love, be kind. Choose anything. Unreliable & Impermanent provides a certain comfort and freedom to make your own narrative and meaning.

For the artist, themes surround the the struggle to be a self-sufficient adult alongside the passions and pains of love.

With semi-pre-planned compositions, this series heavily relies on improvisation and spontaneity. It exists as a relative to the previous series Influence & Affect and Excess & Accessibility.  

ink on paper, 9x12. 2018