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Influence & Affect

improvisational narratives on the Human Condition

Mom's Making Banana Bread
The Path
Conditional Notification
I ain't Sorry
The Road
Stockholm Syndrome

a sister series to Excess and Accessibility, Influence and Affect presents unscripted narratives inspired by daily Modern American Experiences. Prompted by things from pop-songs to text messages, human needs and desires to baked goods, these creatures and their circumstances spontaneously formed. Reflecting the absurd and maddening impact a culture of immediacy and confusion has on our being, the series encourages a good laugh, long stare, and contemplative empathy to help navigate and find Balance within our Human Condition.

All pieces are 11×14 ink drawings on Bristol Board except “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Self-Meditated”, and “Masquerade.” Those three are 9×12.

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