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Panda Gallery

please see The Venetian Holiday Showroom for images

(November 2020)


This gallery is a response to the question "What Is Art?" specifically relating to truth.

The images are a combination of digital text over an original gallery map and viewing route for the 2008 Auction Preview of Damien Hirsts "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever." 

The text "Art isn't Cheap" is commentary on Damien Hirst's 2017 fake Documentary, "Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable." 

The titles Absolute Truth (black) and Absolute Truth (white)  respond to Hirst's assertion that there is no absolute truth. The black and white specifiers propose the notion of choice and the responsibility of the viewer to see the grey. 

The images point out the contradictions and complexities of truth based on perception, perspective, and personal experience. The gallery makes commentary on Art as a commodity.

The text intends to mimic a graffiti affect with respect to street artist Banksy.

images from left to right:

Absolute Truth (black), digital collage, 2018

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Absolute Truth (white), digital collage, 2018

*note the collages are made with a photograph of an original gallery preview viewing route (March 2020)

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