This Fine Line presents AMERICAN BEAUTY, a series about Truth and the pursuit of “ideals.” Feminism, the 2017 Presidency and Administration, music, film, and the desire to know and understand truths of our present day America inspired this collection. Issues involved touch on communication, social media, women’s rights, education, wealth, pageantry, illusion, and paralysis. This series celebrates the psychological and emotional strength of women and reflects the necessity of empathy and intelligent, honest, effective communication in our country. Each piece incorporates a patriotic red, white, and blue theme paired with satire, anger, and vicious sadness. 

"Tremendous Fear & Loathing, Bigly", Ink and Watercolor, 2017

Images from Left to Right:

  1. “Our Host,” Mixed Media and Digital, 2017

  2. “Nuclear Miss Le Crisis,” Digital, 2017

  3. “They Looked Like Strong Hands,” Digital, 2017

  4. “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” Digital, 2017

  5. “Miss Information,”Mixed Media and Digital, 2017