new designs released on Wednesdays

End of Days (Literally)
Winter Rhino Strength & Protection

"End of Days" (Literally)

"Winter Rhino Strength & Protection"

a delicate and strong collage as we transition into the Winter season

when the last proton disintegrates, that will be the literal end of days...

link in bio

"link in bio"

so meta (pun intended). from here you click the shop button 

if the new page doesn't open to the new designs (the ones you see here) after clicking the shop button, find the Sort By option on the left hand side of the screen and select the "New" option, or browse popular or random, whatever you want

Interim Designs is an experimental art brand that embraces ambivalence and imperfection. It provides functional and decorative designs for your home, work, and on-the-go adventuring; gifts for family and friends, celebratory events, your own enjoyment, or just because. 


The brand promotes creative and consumer autonomy, to never give up, and to be yourself.


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