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APRIL 2020

Explore and enjoy the online preview of "The Visual Cosmos of This & That: a three year existential therapy crisis and other works" during the CAP Artspace temporary closure.  The IRL (in real life) exhibit will be November 2020.

The Visual Cosmos of This & That marks the first ever solo exhibition in an official Ithaca Artspace for Upstate New York based US artist Kristina O'Connor (b. 1988). Highlighting ink drawings created between 2015 - 2018, the works emphasize satire and sentiments of the human condition.The exhibit reflects the artists effort to understand, cope, and engage with the average American human experience. 

Finding a balance between chaos and control, empathy and entertainment, The Visual Cosmos of This & That encourages us to think as well as have a good laugh. You’re invited on this visual voyage to draw your own conclusions on what life and Art is and what it means to you.

The show combines influences of Shel Silverstein, Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Ralph Steadman, Hieronymus Bosch, Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst and Banksy with Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, Pema Chodron, Kesha, and Seth MacFarlane.

Concluding with the IRL digital media display of "What is Art?", The November 2020 exhibit will be a send off to THIS FINE LINE (now part of The Epitaph Collective) as O'Connor transitions to workings with Initiative Studios as Aurora Saint Rose.

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